Terms of Use

The goal of the site is to make it convenient and easy for guests looking for accommodations in the Smoky Mountains Area to find their desired vacation rental, and to book a reservation.

GreatSmokyVacationRentals.com is limited to individual property owners. Property Management Agencies may not place their properties on the site, unless they own the property. Any direct link placed on the property description may not be directed to a webpage which primarily displays other properties not owned by the property owner. As the property owner, if you want to link to your Property Management's website, you may do so as long as the destination page is primarily about your property.

If you sign up for a package which includes an availability calendar, you are expected to maintain the calendar and block any dates which are or become unavailable. A potential guest who is looking for specific dates only wants to see rentals that are actually available for those dates. We reserve the right to downgrade your listing if your availability calendar is not maintained.

Property owners pay a yearly fee (one year term) to have their property on GreatSmokyVacationRentals.com. GreatSmokyVacationRentals.com and it's subsidiaries shall not be held liable for any incident arising from the use of the website, and in no event shall we be liable for any amount greater than the amount the homeowner paid for the term.

GreatSmokyVacationRentals.com reserves the right to modify the terms at it's discretion as a need arises. We further reserve the right to remove a property which violates these terms of use.

Property owners (advertisers) in breach of the agreement are subject to removal from the site. Reimbursement for unused term shall be at the sole discretion of GreatSmokyVacationRentals.com.

Cancellation of a property will forfeit the remaining term and payments.

By creating an account, property owners agree to these terms.