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You choose how visitors will rent your property:

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  • Only show information about your property along with your contact details
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If you want to accept booking payments from the site, your customers may pay you via PayPal® or by credit card through For PayPal®, we don't charge any additional fee, but PayPal® will according to your agreement with them.

Keep in mind, is limited to individual property owners. Rental Agencies may not place their properties on the site, unless they own the property, and any links to offsite URL's may not be directed to a webpage which displays other properties not listed on Click for terms of use.

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Step-by-step instructions on setting up your account and adding your property:
(click here to open these instructions in a new tab.)

1. Create your account then login. It's very simple, you can do it!

2. After logging in, click on the "Add Property" button on the left menu.

3. In the Property control panel that opens up, there are several tabs across the top. In the "Summary" tab, first you'll need to press "Extend Expiration Date". This is where you will pay for your property's ad. If you have a coupon code, enter it in the appropriate box and press "Apply". Choose the package that best fits your needs. You choices are "Ad Only", "Accept Bookings", and "Accept Bookings and Payments". (If you plan to accept payments, you will need either a Paypal account for payments or an merchant account.)

4. Once your property's ad has been paid, You'll be returned to the dashboard. Next, click on the house icon to begin entering details about your property, which will return you to the control panel.

5. In the control panel, click on the "Details" tab. Enter your property details and description here. Press the "Save" button at the bottom of the page before going to the next tab.

6. "Extras" tab - tick the boxes next to the amenities that your property has. Easy, right?!

7. "Photos" tab - You may upload up to 12 images. Your photos must be no larger than 200kb in file size. Larger sizes are subject to compression or removal. Nobody wants to wait for large files to download when they're looking at cabins, right?

8. "Contact" tab - Fill in as much as you'd like, and whether you want it to be shown to guests.

9. "Address" tab - Be sure to put at least the city, state, and zip of the address of the property. Click yes to "show on map" so visitors can make a better choice.

OK, if you chose the "Ad Only" package, you're done! (be sure you press "Save" to confirm your changes.) If you did choose a package that allows guests to send a booking request or to book online, you're almost done!

10. "Prices" tab - the good stuff! Press "Add" to add your date range and prices. Press "save" to confirm, and then "Add" to add more.

11. "Terms" tab - You can enter your terms of lease, such as, No smoking, pets not allowed, etc.

12. OK, if you chose a package that allows guests to send a booking request or to book online, you'll need to add in any dates that are already booked. Press the "Reservations" button in the left menu. In the Reservations control panel, click on the "Add Reservation" tab near the top. This is used to add a reservation that you may take over the phone or some other method. You will also use it to block out the dates that are already unavailable. For an older reservation, it's not necessary that you enter in all your guests info as long as you at least select the dates. This way, your property will show as unavailable for those dates if a new site visitor is searching for specific dates.